We work closely with the following organizations, and we greatly appreciate their cooperation and insight.

National Geographic
National Geographic has called American Prairie Reserve “one of the most ambitious conservation projects in American history” and supported our efforts in many ways over the last five years.  We feel fortunate to have the endorsement of one of the most trusted media brands in the world and we strongly believe in National Geographic’s mission: to inspire people to care about the planet.  In 2012, the organization named Sean Gerrity, APR’s President, a National Geographic Fellow. The National Geographic Fellows Program was established to help researchers and other specialists define and develop outstanding special projects. In 2010, National Geographic produced an hour-long special, called American Serengeti, drawing worldwide attention to the Montana plains. American Prairie Reserve has also been featured on National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles series, the Global Action Atlas and the Weekend Radio program and hosts the Student Expeditions program each summer.


Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation
Since January 2014, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and American Prairie Reserve have partnered on the Landmark project, which brings monthly crews of volunteer adventurers to the northern Great Plains to help collect crucial wildlife information. The data collected through this collaboration, including camera trap recordings of fence interactions and bison herd population counts, help inform Reserve management decisions and demonstrate the power of citizen science to enhance our understanding of the prairie ecosystem. Learn more on the Landmark page.


Friends of American Serengeti
Friends of American Serengeti is the German sister organization of American Prairie Reserve and based in Frankfurt. Independently governed, the Friends group is tasked with sharing the vision of the Reserve with the European community and securing funds for APR’s goals of land acquisition and habitat restoration. Donations received through Friends of American Serengeti are tax-deductible, and German-speakers can learn more and donate on the Friends website:


logoWild Sky
Wild Sky™ is a for profit company created by American Prairie Reserve. Wild Sky’s mission is to support wildlife-friendly ranching through the sale of premium beef. This business model conserves wildlife and contributes to economic activity in Montana’s Northern Great Plains. Proceeds from the sale of Wild Sky Beef support conservation in the American Prairie Reserve region in two ways. First, funds go directly toward advancing APR’s mission to create a 3.5 million-acre wildlife complex. Second, profit is returned to area ranchers who implement wildlife-friendly management protocols. When you buy Wild Sky you’re getting more than a great steak on your plate–you’re also helping build American Prairie Reserve, increase wildlife populations, and support our neighbors.


The Long Run
The Long Run is a global movement of people driving sustainability through their nature-based tourism businesses. The Long Run guides, connects and supports its protected area members to achieve and exceed the highest standards of sustainability practices through their 4Cs Framework – Conservation, Community, Culture, Commerce. The commitment, passion and success of The Long Run members like American Prairie Reserve inspires others to grow and develop the sustainability movement across the world. You can read about the Reserve’s approach to the 4Cs on The Long Run website.


logoAbsolute Travel
Absolute Travel, a New York-based company of luxury travel specialists, partnered with American Prairie Reserve to help connect travelers to the breathtaking world of the northern Great Plains. Through a visit to Kestrel Camp with Absolute Travel, modern day explorers are able to have an insider’s look into one of America’s largest conservation efforts. Like APR, Absolute Travel recently became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a solidifying moment in their efforts to participate in the conversation on sustainability and shine a light on the world’s natural treasures. We are excited to collaborate with Absolute Travel on our shared commitment to help conserve this region by enabling others to enjoy it, and consequently be motivated to protect it.


World Wildlife Fund – Northern Great Plains
World Wildlife Fund – Northern Great Plains (WWF NGP) has been an active and valued science contributor to the American Prairie Reserve project since its inception and was instrumental in developing the concept of a thriving wildlife reserve on Montana’s Great Plains in the early phases of the project.  Specifically, WWF NGP has worked on the ground with APR on projects such as growing our bison herd, prairie dog recovery and stream and riparian restoration. The WWF NGP program is a Montana-based field program of World Wildlife Fund working throughout the Northern Great Plains eco-region (which includes five states and two Canadian provinces) with landowners, tribes, state and federal agencies, universities, and communities on grasslands conservation.


Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Directly neighboring American Prairie Reserve, the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (CMR NWR) spans 1.1M acres of crucial wildlife habitat. We strive to promote consistent wildlife and natural resource management between APR and Refuge lands, including collaborating on riparian restoration. Reserve staff members also serve on the CMR NWR Community Working Group.


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
In addition to being the holder of two conservation easements on Reserve lands, we work proactively with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) to manage the Reserve in ways that correspond with the agency’s guidelines and goals for the region. We are currently one of the largest participants in FWP’s Block Management program and one of very few participants that have agreed to 10-year agreements for continued sportsmen’s access. Reserve Supervisor Damien Austin also serves on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Region 6.


Wildlife Conservation Society
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) conducts scientific surveys and research on the Reserve that reflect our mutual interests. As a community and wildlife-oriented nonprofit, WCS works around the world saving wildlife and wild places as well as promoting sustainable human livelihoods. To date, WCS is studying relationships between grassland birds, grazing, and re-seeding and prescribed burning to restore grasslands. We look forward to collaborating with WCS on future projects.


Montana Land Reliance
Montana Land Reliance (MLR) partners with landowners to provide permanent protection for private lands that are significant for agricultural production, forest resources, fish and wildlife habitat and open space. MLR holds a conservation easement on approximately 8,900 acres of APR lands in the Telegraph Creek area of the reserve.  They are a strong partner and will likely hold more acres under conservation easement for APR as the reserve grows.


The Conservation Fund
The Conservation Fund (TCF) forges partnerships to conserve America’s legacy of land and water resources. Through land acquisition, community and economic development and training and education, the Fund and its partners demonstrate balanced conservation solutions that emphasize the integration of economic and environmental goals. TCF has partnered with APR on several occasions assisting in land acquisition and disposal of certain APR lands.


High West Whiskey
In 2012, we partnered with High West Distillery in Utah on American Prairie Reserve Bourbon. High West is passionate about the American West’s culture, heritage, and natural beauty and wants to raise awareness of what they called “one of the most fantastic projects of our time” – American Prairie Reserve.  Thus, they created American Prairie Reserve Bourbon, a premium blend of bourbons, and committed to donating ten percent of their after-tax profits from the sale of each bottle to American Prairie Reserve.  We are proud to work with a conservation-minded company and enjoy sipping the bourbon on the Reserve and at our events.


Montana Outdoor Science School 
Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) works with the Reserve to deliver educational programs that are true to the MOSS mission of inspiring curiosity, awareness, and understanding of the natural world. Using experiential, hands-on, inquiry-based approach, the MOSS methodology has proven to successfully promote individuals’ wonder of nature both on the prairie and at home. Established in 1994 as a nature-based summer camp, MOSS has grown to offer year-round quality educational experiences to schools, families, and visitors.


The Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition
American Prairie Reserve is a member of The Great Plains Ecotourism Coalition, a group committed to promoting environmental conservation and building thriving communities through nature-based tourism in the Great Plains. The coalition works to connect nature-based entrepreneurs with one another, markets the region to ecotourists in the United States and beyond, shares information about ecotourism with participating members, and undertakes or commissions studies and research on ecotourism-related topics of substantial interest to members and ecotourists.


National Outdoor Leadership School
American Prairie Reserve has invested in the quality of its risk management practices through a risk management review conducted by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), an organization with over 50 years of experience managing risk in wilderness environments. As a result of this training, while NOLS doesn’t endorse or certify our practices, the Reserve is further enhancing its risk management strategy. We have invested time and resources in these practices because the health and well being of our participants is one of our highest priorities.


Chicago Zoological Society
The Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) aims to “inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature” and has partnered with American Prairie Reserve in an effort to connect with organizations that conserve wildlife and wild habitats. In April 2012, Senior Reserve Foreman Damien Austin traveled to Chicago to participate in the Brookfield Zoo’s Lecture Series and presented on the Reserve’s progress and wildlife to members of the CZS and the general public.