Board of Directors

Managing Director, Kelso & Co.
APR Board Chair
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
APR Board Vice Chair
Chairman & CIO, Anderson Global Macro
APR Board Treasurer
Retired President/COO, JDS Uniphase
Artist, Juniper Ridge Studios
President, American Prairie Reserve
Owner and Chairman, Tengelmann Group
Chairwoman, Elizabeth Haub Foundation
CEO, EarthNet; Past President, National Geographic
Retired Vice President, Mars, Inc.
Private Investor, Active Volunteer
President, JAMM Ventures
Retired Founder/President, Nancy's Specialty Foods
Community Volunteer
Retired Managing Director, Salomon Brothers



Former Directors

Ann DeBusk
Bob DeBusk
Bob Irvin
Bill Lively
Susan O’Connor
Audrey Rust
Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs
Darell Tunnicliff
Harry Wilson