Board of Directors

American Prairie Reserve’s Board of Directors actively guides the organization’s direction, monitors governance and financial oversight, assists in fundraising, and assures effective leadership to achieve the organization’s mission.

Managing Director, Kelso & Co.
APR Board Chair
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
APR Board Vice Chair
Chairman & CIO, Anderson Global Macro
APR Board Treasurer
Retired President/COO, JDS Uniphase
Artist, Juniper Ridge Studios
President, American Prairie Reserve
Chairwoman, Elizabeth Haub Foundation
CEO, EarthNet; Past President, National Geographic
Retired Vice President, Mars, Inc.
Private Investor, Active Volunteer
President, JAMM Ventures
Retired Founder/President, Nancy's Specialty Foods
Community Volunteer
Retired Managing Director, Salomon Brothers



Former Directors

Ann DeBusk
Bob DeBusk
Erivan Haub
Bob Irvin
Bill Lively
Susan O’Connor
Audrey Rust
Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs
Darell Tunnicliff
Harry Wilson