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In 2014, American Prairie Reserve (APR) embarks on a three-year journey with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) through Landmark, an innovative new citizen science program. Outdoor enthusiasts have long been friends of APR and the Reserve’s rugged and remote landscape. Through Landmark, we are harnessing the power of this intrepid and naturally curious group to help us achieve wildlife, human history and land management goals. The collaboration also brings together APR President and National Geographic Fellow Sean Gerrity and Gregg Treinish, Founder/Executive of ASC and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

With the expertise and experience of ASC, six-person survey crews are transversing the Sun Prairie region of the Reserve in all four seasons collecting data using tablet technology.  Volunteers are stationed on the Reserve for one to three months. The collected data, including GPS points and camera trap images, will establish trends over time and inform management decisions as the Reserve grows, with particular focus on:

  • Wildlife interactions with fencesp1080410
  • Greater sage-grouse populations
  • Wildlife population estimates
  • Prairie dog town mapping and monitoring
  • Bison calf counts
  • Mountain lion movement
  • Amphibian and snake surveys
  • Archeological sites.

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