The American Prairie Reserve volunteer program creates an opportunity to connect people with the Reserve while simultaneously building project capacity. Through hands on experience, volunteers engage in the work of the Reserve making a meaningful contribution to the development of the Reserve. Volunteers assist the staff to develop American Prairie Reserve into a wildlife reserve by contributing to the legacy of the project.


Volunteer Work Safaris – returning in 2016

Volunteers play a large role in  infrastructure removal and habitat restoration which improves wildlife habitat and visitor experience on the Reserve. Volunteers are expected to work three full days in the field on an assigned project which may include removing fence posts, barb wire, or old buildings. Work is primarily outdoors, resulting in exposure to sun, rain, mud, wind, pollen and other airborne irritants, bugs, and wildlife. Work on the American Prairie Reserve is physically demanding in nature; requiring hiking, sitting on the ground, standing, and lifting of up to 25lb.

Our Volunteer Work Safari is a fun, challenging and rewarding five day prairie adventure that gives volunteers the chance to meet and work with incredible people while surrounded by incredible scenery. This is an excellent opportunity to connect to, explore and experience the prairie landscape hands on. Volunteers spend all day in the field allowing for ample time to observe prairie flora and fauna. Our knowledgeable Reserve team guide volunteers through the landscape teaching volunteers how to land snorkel (take the time to savor aspects of nature we ordinarily don’t see or pay attention to). We hope you join us on our next Volunteer Work Safari in 2016.

LandMARK Citizen Science Program

In 2014, American Prairie Reserve (APR) is embarking on a three-year journey with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) through Landmark, an innovative new citizen science program. Six-person survey crews will cover the Sun Prairie region of the Reserve in all four seasons collecting data. Volunteers will be stationed on the Reserve for one to three months. The collected data, including GPS points and camera trap images, will establish trends over time and inform management decisions as the Reserve grows. Learn more about the project and the application process on the ASC website.