Exploring the Missouri River Breaks Region – A Must-See in 2013

Missouri River Breaks Region – Photo by Gib Myers

National Geographic Traveler recently highlighted north-central Montana by naming the Missouri River Breaks region one of the top 20 Best Trips for 2013.

The Breaks are perhaps most famous for their ties to the Lewis & Clark expedition, which made its way up the Missouri River in the early 1800s. The region continues to offer modern day adventurers a unique journey and striking landscapes, whether by canoe, on foot or driving safari.

Just north of the river is where the area’s steep cliffs and timbered hills transition into grassland, home to American Prairie Reserve and our growing herd of bison. Like a glimpse into the past, the Reserve is working to create a seamless landscape with a full-complement of wildlife and ecosystem processes, similar to what Lewis and Clark would might have seen on their travels. One day, we hope that visitors to this historic region of the nation will be able to experience nature on a grand scale – from the river to the rolling plains.

In the meantime, the Breaks and the Reserve are free and open to the public. Grab a tent, saddle up your horses or pack your life jackets – we’d love to see you! If you’d like to join a guided trip, check out current offerings in the Visit section of the website. There’s something for everyone, from birders, paddlers and history buffs to those looking for a volunteer vacation.

Paddling the Missouri River Breaks en route to American Prairie Reserve


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