You may have noticed in the About section of our website that we feature our organizational values along with the mission of American Prairie Reserve. Just as our mission drives the work we do to build the Reserve, our values guide how we work both internally and externally with partners, landowners, supporters and others. For many years we aspired as a staff and Board to embody to five values:

    • Openness with Respect
    • Innovation and Optimism
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Execution¬†
    • Sustainable Pace

This year, we added a sixth value: teamwork. Stacie Costello, APR’s Director of Human Resources and Operations, explains:

I frequently hear teamwork being referred to as one of our values. It’s understandable why this assumption is made since teamwork is fundamental in the structure of our organization and necessary for success in our fast-paced, agile culture.

As a result, we are implementing a sixth value (just to make it official). We think the description below is a great start to define our desired culture…


This means that when appropriate and when it will lead to smoother, faster and better execution, we act collaboratively to accomplish results. We take initiative to understand and support the role’s of others within

and beyond our own functional teams. We proactively contribute, and act, on ideas to improve cross team collaboration and enthusiastically support the efforts of others to do the same. We work to understand the goals of others, and effectively communicate our own, and make consistent efforts to help each other achieve them. We take the initiative to highlight situations where cross team collaboration is not working, for whatever reason, and bring it to the attention of the right people in the organization, and contribute to finding good solutions.

You’ll often hear mention of these values around our offices, in voicemails between staff, and out on the prairie – and we hope you see them in action every day!


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