We are spearheading a unique effort to create the largest wildlife reserve in the continental United States by linking together more than three million acres of private and public land on north central Montana’s legendary Great Plains.  Learn More: Expanding the Reserve

American Prairie Reserve conserves pronghorn migrations by connecting vast swaths of habitat. (Photo: Diane Hargreaves)


When complete, American Prairie Reserve will provide critical habitat for a stunning variety of species, offering modern visitors the opportunity to witness the same wildlife spectacle that dazzled Lewis and Clark more than two centuries ago. Learn More: Bison Restoration, Science, Biodiversity

By encouraging public access on Reserve lands, we seek to instill a deep appreciation for the landscape and its wildlife in our visitors, while offering the Reserve as a thriving resource for educators, researchers and outdoor enthusiasts.  In so doing, we hope to make a positive economic and cultural contribution to our neighbors in the local community. Learn More: Public Access, Education & Community


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