Education and Community

APR seeks to be a good neighbor to those who call the six-county region in which we are working home, and we desire to make a positive contribution to the local communities that we impact.  To this end, APR works to provide economic opportunities for local residents, purchases and hires locally, and tracks its ongoing economic contributions in the region. Learn More:  Economic Opportunity

We believe that connecting people with the landscape in meaningful ways is central to our goal of instilling a deeper appreciation of the prairie and its wildlife in the general public. In line with our mission of providing quality visitor access, we seek to offer the Reserve as a living resource for educators, students and researchers. We routinely host educational programs for local students and visiting college groups and have partnered with graduate students to provide research internships. Learn More: Educational Outreach

Recognizing the important cultural legacy of the land’s human inhabitants, we also work to preserve sites of historic significance on the Reserve, presenting them to the public as part of the overall tapestry of life that has shaped the prairie landscape.  Examples of human history on the Reserve include the Prairie Union School, which we have restored and opened to visitors. Learn More: Human History Preservation

Educational and group events are one way to learn about and explore the Reserve. (Photo: Dave M. Shumway)