6 Ways to be a Citizen Scientist on American Prairie Reserve, on the Road, and at Home


Our recently launched Landmark adventure science program recruits and trains outdoor enthusiasts to help with data collection year-round on the Reserve. Volunteers are stationed on the Sun Prairie region for a minimum of four weeks at a time and gather information about wildlife movement and populations.  Like other citizen science efforts, the collection of Landmark data is a group effort and will be available for download, analysis and viewing by the general public.

However, serving as a volunteer scientists doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Mobile and web technology makes it easier than ever before to help researchers gather information and measurements and aid biologists in their efforts to identify plants and animals.

Below is our list of 6 ways for you to become a citizen scientist on the Reserve, on the road, and at home. Will you lend a hand? To find more projects around the world (and out of this world!), be sure to browse this directory from Scientific American.

6 Ways to be a Citizen Scientist on the Reserve, on the Road, and at Home

(1) Join a Landmark adventure science crew anytime of year.

(2) Measure light pollution with the Loss of the Night mobile app.

(3) Monitor the health of watersheds with CreekWatch.

(4) Track the presence/absence of birds with eBird.

(5) Help sort wildlife images from camera traps with Snapshot Serengeti.

(6) Join a community of wildlife watchers with Project Noah.

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