Visitor Map Request Form

We’re happy to hear that you’re planning a trip and/or want to learn more about American Prairie Reserve. Thanks to our partnership with National Geographic, we overhauled our visitor map in 2013 to include essential and interesting information about travel to and on the Reserve, points of interest, camping, and natural history. Donations from our supporters allow us to provide these maps at no charge.

Please fill out the form below to request a visitor map. Our staff will work to get you the map as soon as possible, but please plan for 2 weeks turnaround time. You can also call us directly with your request at 877-273-1123.

While you wait for your map, you can download and print our new APR Bird Checklist any time!

UPDATE: Thanks to great enthusiasm, we’re currently reordering and restocking our visitor maps. If you are planning to visit this fall, please call us directly about receiving a map.