Summer on the Reserve: Mike Makes a Difference

Mike removing fence on the Reserve. Photo: Frankie Garafalo

Mike Clark, recent graduate of Carleton College, spent his summer volunteering on American Prairie Reserve. When asked about his experience, he explains that his service has been fun, especially when he sees all that he has done, and he feels a sense of reward in contributing to the Reserve’s inner workings. Mike’s volunteering has also given him knowledge about the natural history, the environment, and people of the area. He likes that his work helps the Reserve reach its restoration and wildlife goals, which he “wholeheartedly” believes in. “Any help makes it worthwhile,” says Mike.   – By Frankie Garofalo, 2012 Volunteer

Join us in saying THANK YOU to Mike! We are grateful for his time, hard work and dedication, all invaluable resources for a project of this scale. In addition to helping with fence removal and habitat projects, Mike also took beautiful photos of the Reserve, and we look forward to sharing them with you in a future post.

For more information on ways to volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page.


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