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Dispersed Camping on the Reserve

In addition to Reserve facilities like Buffalo Camp, visitors can set up camp on the Reserve's deeded land and on nearby public lands.

Dispersed Tent Camping on APR Deeded Land

Visitors are welcome to tent camp on APR deeded land with the following regulations:

  • At least ¼ mile off any road, ½ mile from any structures/dwellings, 200 ft. from bodies of water, no motorized off-road travel
  • Tents only
  • Three night limit at any one site 
  • No fires
  • Follow LNT principles

Dispersed Tent Camping on Your Public Lands

These lands include areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Montana’s Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Each agency has its own regulations for recreation and camping, which are provided below. It is the responsibility of each visitor to know your location and the regulations that apply.

We also encourage visitors to follow the principles of Leave No Trace outdoor ethics during their adventures on the prairie.



View BLM rules of conduct and regulations for camping, motor vehicles, fire, archeological, and paleontological resources and more. Contact the BLM at 406-896-5004 or visit the BLM Montana/Dakotas website for more information, free brochures or to purchase maps.


The Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation regulates the recreational use of state trust lands. General recreationists, including campers, hikers, horseback riders, and sight-seers, must possess a “State Land Recreational Use License” that can acquired online or by an authorized Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks agent. Learn more about state trust land recreational use.


View Refuge information and regulations for travel, camping, vehicles, fishing, boating, hunting and more. Maps are available for download on the Refuge website and we encourage visitors to stop in at the main office in Lewistown for more information.