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Educational Visits

American Prairie furthers its mission to provide meaningful public access by building opportunities for education.

As a “living laboratory” for students of all ages, American Prairie offers a backdrop for learning that exposes visitors to the full diversity of ecological, cultural and historical elements unique to the northern Great Plains.

Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with other organizations to create rich learning experiences for a wide variety of visitors, including state and national educational groups, local school children and our neighbors in surrounding communities, volunteers and conservation professionals from around the world, and students at advanced levels of education who are looking to conduct research.


In 2015, American Prairie began the next phase of educational outreach thanks to a generous donation from the Enrico family. The Danny, Joey and Gigi Enrico Education & Science Center opened in Spring 2015 to serve as our permanent hub of learning and science activity. Read more about the programs and facilities available to students and researchers at the Enrico Center.


We have welcomed the following groups over the years: 



The following organizations contribute to the success of educational visits at American Prairie:

  • Montana Outdoor Science School
  • Montana Wilderness School
  • National Geographic Student Expeditions
  • Mars Ambassador Program
  • Leave No Trace 


Contact our staff to inquire about an educational group visit to American Prairie.