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Enrico Education & Science Center

Located at the heart of the prairie in the Sun Prairie unit, the Danny, Joey & Gigi Enrico Education & Science Center is the gateway for education and science work.

It offers visitors the ability to participate in an interdisciplinary approach to science and conservation in action, and, although it is not a visitor center, the public and guests from nearby Buffalo Camp are welcome to stop in during the day. Overnight use is reserved for scientists, students, collaborators, media, and donors at American Prairie’s discretion.


The Center’s philosophy, “Learn through action; teach by sharing,” encourages all types of visitors to share what they discover during their time on the prairie, inspiring a wider network of people to care about the prairie and our mission.


The Center is designed as a hub for science and education programming that instills a deeper appreciation for biodiversity and grassland ecosystems. On any given day, multiple groups or individuals stay at the facility. This community atmosphere adds to the collaborative feel of a visit to the Center.

A typical day begins with breakfast either on your own or with other individuals staying at the Center. People disperse after breakfast to explore the prairie. In the late afternoon, activity picks up again as groups and individuals return from the field. Groups staying at the Center may choose to cook together or separately in the expansive kitchen. The day’s activities are retold and shared over dinner in the community dining space. Conversations continue throughout the evening on the covered porch and throughout common areas.


The Enrico Education & Science Center opened its doors in 2015 and welcomed a wide range of students, volunteers, partners, and researchers from across the world. The Center is also home to the Landmark Adventure Science program during parts of the year. Read more about the work and experiences of recent visitors on our Blog and News page



Contact American Prairie at (406) 585-4600 to inquire about room fees and booking a stay at the Enrico Center.