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Habitat Restoration

Rebuilding wildlife populations means providing resilient and rich habitats where animals can move and thrive.

Learn how we're using your donations, volunteer power, and staff and partner expertise to restore habitat on American Prairie Reserve:

Restoring Plowed Land

For the disturbed areas that are now owned by the Reserve, we are actively working to improve the soil and native vegetation.

Fence Removal and Modification

Fence removal and modification is one of the Reserve's ongoing effort to increase connectivity and ease the movement of animals like pronghorn.

Prescribed Fire

Historically, fire was a critical component of the prairie ecosystem, but it is no longer a player in the ecology of the northern Great Plains.

Stream and Riparian Restoration

Prairie streams once supported a diverse array of plants and wildlife but much of this habitat been lost and the Reserve is working on restoration. 

Exploring the Depths of Prairie Plants