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Announcing a New Look for American Prairie

When our founders started this organization in 2001, the idea of assembling a 3-million acre nature reserve seemed as crazy as it was inspiring. While they understood the work ahead was complex, they knew it was achievable and also essential for the prairie, for our planet, and for future generations.

Twenty years later, our Montana-based nonprofit has evolved from a small startup with two employees to a vibrant organization with staff working across the state. We have completed 32 land transactions and grown the habitat base to more than 420,000 acres. And soon we will open the National Discovery Center in Lewistown, Montana as a gathering place for the prairie’s communities and visitors from around the country and world.

As we look forward to our next 20 years, we are excited to announce a new image for our organization that celebrates our past and our future.

A New Logo

As part of American Prairie’s evolution, we created a new logo to better represent the prairie and who we are as an organization. Our new logo is inspired by the endless possibility we find on the prairie, by the promise of an unbroken horizon, by bold-but-achievable ideas, and by the unfathomable pull the prairie has on people and its importance to this planet.

The transition to our new logo will take place over the next year. And while you might see both the new and old logos for awhile, the new logo will carry our brand and organization forward.

A New Name

As humans’ impact on the planet grows, the prairie continually reminds us how small we are as individuals. The prairie is a vast, wild, biodiverse, living entity that has captivated and supported humans since we first set foot here. The American Prairie model of stitching together public and private lands continues to support our mission, but there is only one prairie ecosystem in central Montana. It is so much bigger than any single person, property, or organization. With this in mind, we have dropped the word “Reserve” from our name to better reflect this shared place. As with our new logo, you will likely continue to see “Reserve” and “APR” associated with our organization as we work through the transition.

Our updated name — American Prairie — is representative of our vision of an intact prairie ecosystem, of its diverse community of humans and wildlife, and of a common landscape that shaped the very character of our country and continues to shape us today.

The Next 20 Years

Though our brand image is evolving, our commitment to the land, the wildlife, and the people on the prairie remains unchanged. We cannot lose sight of the fact that temperate grasslands are one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. The Great Plains of North America is one of four temperate grasslands in the world with potential to be preserved at an ecosystem scale. We have an opportunity to unite around the preservation of this shared ecosystem here in Montana, and we must seize it. It is not a distant dream; this future is within our reach.

We remain committed to working together to be a voice for the prairie, to celebrating its rich history, and striving toward a future that sees this remarkable place preserved forever.

Lastly, we could not do any of this without supporters like you. Thank you for standing with us. We are so excited to see where the next 20 years take us.