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Horseback Riding

You are welcome to bring horses to American Prairie for trail riding and cross country travel. 

For a base camp on American Prairie lands, we recommend staying at Buffalo Camp. Bring your own fencing or panels instead of high-lining because the bison herd travels through this region. There is non-potable water available at the campground but no water troughs. Grazing can be limited depending on the time of year so plan to bring hay that is certified weed-free. Buffalo Camp is open year-round and a list of features is available on the campground page


When riding across the prairie, remember that there are limited water sources in this remote region. Buffalo Camp is located close to Telegraph Creek, but the water there and in other creeks and ponds can be muddy and sulfury. When traveling across the 6-mile Box Elder Crossing route, you'll find a couple of nice stock ponds. The Ridge Road across the northern boundary of the C. M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is 12 exposed miles with no water. 


Another good camping option for travelers with horses is the Fourchette Bay Campground. This facility has pens available and you will need to haul in water or use water from Fort Peck Lake. Other amenities include picnic tables, fire rings, vault toilets, and a boat ramp. There is no grazing available. 


Learn about Leave No Trace principles for trail riding in this article from Horse Nation. 

American Prairie does not offer horses for outfitting purposes or recreation.