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American Prairie Reserve believes hunting provides an important food source and connection to the outdoors for Montanans and visitors. When managed in such a way that prioritizes fair chase and healthy wildlife populations, hunting may serve as a tool for wildlife conservation.

Our biologists, partners, and managers revise the regulations each year for our deeded land, similar to how Montana FWP adjusts seasons and species regulations based on population abundance and potential. We measure hunter success and satisfaction in addition to wildlife populations in response to these rules, adapting as needed. We take a unit-specific approach to conservation, based on the Freese Scale.

We offer standard FWP Block Management on some units and American Prairie Reserve Hunt Management on others. The management depends on several factors including, but not limited to: public value, species abundance, safety, and available resources for managing and enforcing the rules.

Management may change annually as we strive to balance all criteria. For public land, please refer to Montana FWP.  

Our promise to all hunters is that American Prairie Reserve will strive to provide a rich and satisfying experience as we work to increase wildlife populations. We invite you to read more about the project approach, and to consider supporting our work to restore increased wildlife numbers.

2018 Hunting Guide to American Prairie Reserve Land

We are proud to open our deeded land to hunting, including upland bird and migratory bird hunting, and bow hunting for mule deer and whitetail deer. Burnt Lodge, Timber Creek, and Two Crow also offer rifle hunting for deer, elk, and antelope. We allow access points to public lands through all our deeded lands.

FWP-Administered Block Management

Two Crow: Region 4, BMA #196. After acquiring the Two Crow in 2017, American Prairie Reserve is proud to announce that the property is now enrolled in Region 4 Block Management as Type 2 access. For more information, please refer to the FWP Block Management Access Guide.

Burnt Lodge

Timber Creek

American Prairie Reserve Hunt Management Units

PN: Until Oct. 20, hunters can access the Big and Little Sags using travel routes designated on the map. There is a parking area for foot, bike, or horseback access to the Dog Creek area at the bottom of Claggett Hill. Beginning Oct. 20, access to the western part of the PN is also by foot, bike, or horseback from the designated parking area near the ranch buildings at the foot of Reid Hill. This is a working cattle ranch. Please close all gates behind you and observe posted no-shooting zones in residential areas.

We invite the public to cross PN private land to access your public lands. For public land guidelines, please refer to Montana FWP’s printed hunting guide or the online hunt planner. We will not be restricting number of parties; however, we encourage you to contact us before you go. Please use reservation contact info below.

Dry Fork: Bison roam at large on Dry Fork. For your safety and theirs, keep at least 300 yards of distance between yourself and bison. Leave all fence gates as you find them and observe all posted no-shooting zones.

2018 Hunting Regulations for American Prairie Reserve Property:

Reservations are required for all parties wishing to hunt on American Prairie Reserve’s deeded land.

Deer (mule, whitetail): September 1 – October 14 (Archery Only); October 18–19, Youth Rifle (youth shooter only)

Sharp-tailed Grouse/Partridge: September 1 – January 1, Non-toxic Shot

Pheasant: September 22-23 (youth only); October 6 – January 1, Non-toxic Shot

Mourning Dove: September 1 – October 30, Non-toxic Shot

Ducks and Coots: September 22-23 (youth only); September 29 – January 3, Non-toxic Shot

Geese: September 22-23 (youth only); September 29 – January 6 and January 12 – 16, Non-toxic Shot

** Please Note: There is no harvest of pronghorn or big horn sheep on American Prairie Reserve’s deeded land. **

We invite the public to cross our private land to access your public lands. For public land guidelines, please refer to Montana FWP’s printed hunting guide or the hunt planner on their website. The PN is located in Region 4 and Dry Fork is located in Region 6.

Reservation system:

Reservations are required for hunting on American Prairie Reserve’s deeded land, and we welcome hunting parties Friday – Monday. We accept any combination of six total guns or bows each day, with two additional slots reserved for youth hunters (age 12-15). A party may reserve up to four days in a row during the season. 

BEGINNING AUGUST 23, reservations will be accepted Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to Noon by calling 877-273-1123. 

You will be asked for an ALS#, vehicle description & license plate, email, and phone number when you call.

Other information:

  • Hunting parties may encounter other user groups (hikers, horseback riders, bikers, etc.)
  • American Prairie Reserve does not allow harvest of sage grouse, non-game species, or predators on our deeded land.
  • Non-toxic (non-lead) ammunition is required.
  • Travel allowed on designated open roads only. Off-road driving is not allowed. Please retrieve game on foot.   

We hope you have a great experience at American Prairie Reserve. Please email feedback and results of your hunt to We would love to hear from you!

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