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Hunting is an important part of Montana's outdoor heritage and has been part of a way of life in the region for thousands of years.

We manage hunting to prioritize high-quality, fair-chase, public hunting and healthy wildlife populations. Just as Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MT FWP) adjusts seasons and species regulations each year, our biologists will also revise our regulations each year for our deeded land. The most current information will always be available here on our website and at access points on the Reserve. Our promise to hunters and all visitors is that American Prairie Reserve will provide an ever-richer and more satisfying experience as wildlife populations remain healthy and robust.

American Prairie Reserve offers over 60,000 acres of public hunting through Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' Block Management program. Additionally, the public is welcome to use designated travel roads to cross our deeded land to access adjacent public land.

The majority of hunting on American Prairie Reserve's deeded land is managed through MT FWP’s block management program, and detailed information for each property is included below. Please refer to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks hunting website for current harvest and hunting dates.

The PN

The PN is located almost entirely within the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument at the confluence of the Judith and the Missouri Rivers, including more than 20 miles of riverfront that stretches west to Arrow Creek.

The PN is a working cattle ranch. Please leave all gates as you find them (open or closed) and observe posted no-shooting zones in residential areas.

Dry Fork

Dry Fork is located south of Malta, Montana east of Highway 191. Dry Fork is made up of several properties with diverse topography and habitat, including mixed grasslands, breaks country, and riparian corridors.

Bison are present on Dry Fork. For your safety and theirs, keep at least 100 yards of distance between yourself and bison. Leave all gates as you find them and observe all posted no-shooting zones.

Two Crow

The Two Crow is located on the south side of the Missouri River north of Winnett, Montana and includes rolling prairie, timber, ponderosa ridges, and breaks country.

Timber Creek

Timber Creek is located on the north side of the Missouri River and includes dry grasslands and breaks country.

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge property is nestled in the Larb Hills on the north side of Fort Peck Reservoir. Blue Ridge provides connectivity to migratory pathways for wildlife from neighboring protected areas such as the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

Blue Ridge is divided into two areas: Blue Ridge Block Management Area and the Blue Ridge Special Management Area.

Blue Ridge Block Management Area

The Blue Ridge Block Management Area is listed as AB/APR on MT FWP block management maps. Hunting on Blue Ridge is managed by MT FWP through Type 1 Block Management.

Blue Ridge Special Management Area

Hunting on Blue Ridge is restricted to bull elk through a special drawing for hunters who draw the 620-20, 620-21, or 622-20 elk tags.

Additional Information

  • Hunting parties may encounter other user groups (hikers, horseback riders, bikers, etc.)
  • American Prairie Reserve does not allow harvest of sage grouse, non-game species, or predators on our deeded land.
  • Non-toxic (non-lead) ammunition is required.
  • Travel allowed on designated open roads only– off-road driving is not allowed. Please retrieve game on foot.   

We hope you have a great experience at American Prairie Reserve. Please email feedback and results of your hunt to We would love to hear from you!

Bison Harvest

For more information on the annual public bison harvest, please visit our Bison Harvest page.