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Connecting people with the landscape in meaningful ways is central to our goal of instilling a deeper appreciation of the prairie and native wildlife in the public.

In line with our mission of providing quality public access, we offer American Prairie as a living laboratory for educators, students and researchers. We regularly partner with organizations and schools to offer educational programs for local students, teachers and community members as well as visiting groups and graduate researchers from Montana and beyond.


In partnership with Montana Outdoor Science School, the American Prairie Field School offers 6th through 8th grade students the opportunity to spend three days and two nights learning in the field under Montana’s big prairie skies. Learn more.

“The buffalo, scientifically known as Bison bison, roam around the prairie freely. The buffalo are a great part in the restoration and health of the ecosystem in the American Prairie reserve. They provide the land with nutrients through their urine and manure. Also, they help bury seeds by stomping on the dirt with their hooves... Watching the buffalo around the grasslands is a very fulfilling experience.” – Aidee, visiting student, shares what she learned on a bison tour


As part of our commitment to education, we opened the Danny, Joey and Gigi Enrico Education & Science Center in 2015. The Center is the gateway to learning and research on American Prairie.