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Indian Lake Medicine Rock

Located on BLM land near the northwestern border of the Sun Prairie unit, the Indian Lake Medicine Rock spans centuries of geologic and human history.

It is considered to be a glacially-transported boulder from the Rocky Mountain Front, also known as a glacial erratic.

Plains Indians carved petroglyphs depicting bird tracks, hooves and directional symbols into the rock. Through carbon dating, scientists have established that some of the petroglyphs may have been carved as long ago as 8,000 BC. On occasion, visitors will see small trinkets such as burned sweetgrass bundles, coins and colored cloth placed on and around the boulder, which remind us that the site continues to be spiritually important to Native peoples. These offerings should not be disturbed or touched.

Photography Restriction 

This site continues to be a culturally and spiritually important site for Native Americans. Out of respect for our tribal neighbors, please do not take photographs or share photography of Indian Lake Medicine Rock.

Note on Travel 

The site can be reached on an unmaintained two-track road marked on the Reserve’s visitor map. This road cannot be traveled when wet and requires high-clearance vehicles year-round.