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The New York Times, January 2023, "52 Places To Go In 2023"

The New York Times, January 2023, "Where the Bison Could Roam"


CBS News: 60 Minutes, October 2022, "American Prairie: Creating a huge new nature reserve in Montana"


Yellowstone Public Radio, October 2021, "For the first time in decades, buffalo will once again roam the Rocky Boy's Reservation"

Billings Gazette, September 30, "State will conduct analysis of American Prairie's requested grazing permit change to bison"

CNN, August 2021, "The fight to preserve the last quiet places on a noisy planet"

Helena Independent Record, July 2021, "BLM gives initial OK to American Prairie Reserve's controversial bison grazing permit"

Rewilding Institute, July 2021, "Episode 76: American Prairie Reserve – Big Rewilding On America’s Northern Great Plains"

Smithsonian Magazine, June 2021, "When the Bison Return, Will Their Habitat Rebound?"

Land Ethic, May 2021, Podcast Episode #10 with American Prairie CEO Alison Fox

The Hill, March 2021, "Property rights are fundamental to a free society — and to conservation"

Field Museum, March 2021, "The Fort Belknap Indian Community and American Prairie Reserve to receive Field Museum conservation award"

Montana Standard, March 2021, "American Prairie Reserve's popularity with campers grew in 2020"

Missoulian, February 2021, "Oh give me a home: Bison coffee table book reflects authors' love of iconic animal"

yahoo! news, February 2021, "35 Montana bison moved to South Dakota reservation"

Billings Gazette, January 2021, "Eastern Montana prairie bison pursuit challenges wounded Marine veteran" (Subscription needed)

Lewistown News-Argus, January 2021, "Phillips County, APR settle bison grazing dispute" (Subscription needed)

Yellowstone Public Radio, January 2021, "American Prairie Reserve To Expand Bison Testing, Transparency In Settlement Agreement"

Daily Montanan, January 2021, "American Prairie and Phillips County find common ground"


tripsavvy, July 2020, "Where to Go Stargazing in Montana"

KBZK, May 2020, "American Prairie Reserve is donating more than 4,000 pounds of bison meat"

The Atlantic, April 2020, "Why Italians Are Growing Apples for Wild Bears"

National Geographic Magazine, February 2020, "Two visions collide amid push to restore Montana plains"

Bitterroot Magazine, February 2020, "Montana's Grand Prairie Experiment"

The Guardian, January 2020, "Where to go on holiday in 2020: the alternative hotlist"


NPR, December 2019, "Big Money Is Building A New Kind Of National Park In The Great Plains"

Missouri River Country Montana, December 2019, "2020 Missouri River Country Check List"

KUER, NPR Utah, October 2019, "The Next Yellowstone: How Big Money Is Building A New Kind Of National Park"

Adventure Journal, October 2019, "Behind the Attempt to Create the Largest Wildlife Sanctuary in the Lower 48", October 2019, "Prairie Breaks"

Sierra Club Magazine, September 2019, "Building an American Serengeti in Montana"

Men's Journal, May 2019, "How Private Land Reserves Are Saving Endangered Species (and Inviting Travelers to Witness the Revival)"


The Wall Street Journal, September 2018, "The New Outdoor Getaway: Landscapes That Have Been ‘Rewilded’"

CBS Sunday Morning, August 2018, "Reclaiming the American Prairie"

Travel + Leisure, August 2018, "Where the Buffalo Roam"

The Chicago Tribune, July 2018, "Feel the pull of the prairie on a uniquely American safari in Montana"


Avenue Magazine, May 2017, "For the American Prairie Reserve, One Steppe at a Time"

Threshold, March 2017, "Episode 6: "Territory Folks Should All Be Pals"

Northwest Travel and Life, February 2017, "The American Serengeti: Through the Eyes of an Artist"

Associated Press, Billings Gazette, January 24, 2017, "Montana prairie reserve awards Ken Burns prize to historian"

Explore Big Sky, January 24, 2017, "Filmmaker Ken Burns Talks American Prairie Reserve, Writer David McCullough And War In Vietnam"

The Sportsman Review, January 2017, "2016: The Year Outdoors"


Jared Stone, November 2016, "Home on the Range", October 2016, "The Topography of Conservation: American Prairie Reserve"

Travel+Leisure, September 2016, "The Rise of Public-Private Land Conservation"

Billings Gazette, August 10, 2016: "New York City teens explore Montana prairie", July 20, 2016: "25 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind"

Living Bird Magazine, Summer 2016: "Recreating a big space where buffalo can roam (and burrowing owls, too)"

Helena Independent Record, July 4, 2016: "Six artists to reimagine Montana's national parks, sites "

National Wildlife Federation, June 20, 2016: "Sean Gerrity of the American Prairie Reserve Honored With National Conservation Special Achievement Award"

National Wildlife Federation, June 13, 2016: "13 Camping Spots to Visit Now"

The Atlantic, June 3, 2016: "The Economic Logic of Preserving Wild Areas"

U.S. News, May 11, 2016: "5 Underrated Glamping Experiences to Try This Year"

LE PAN, May 2016: "Where the Buffalo Roam"

Associated Press, May 6, 2016: "Ranch buy adds to huge Montana wildlife reserve "

The Atlantic, April 26, 2016: "Ken Burns, on the American Prairie Reserve"

Bloomberg TV, April 25, 2016: "American Prairie Reserve: Luxury Safari on the Range"

Bloomberg Pursuits, April 21, 2016: "Your Next High-End Safari Destination: The Plains of Montana"

Reason TV, March 24, 2016: "The Plan to Create a Giant, Privately Funded Nature Reserve by Selling Beef"

Ensia, February 23, 2016: "We can save individual species – but can we save entire ecosystems?" 


The New York Times, December 28, 2015: “The Yellowstone of the Future”

PERC Report, November 24, 2015: “The New West: A quiet revolution is sweeping across the West, forging a new approach to conservation in the 21st century.”

Mongabay, November 20, 2015: “Technology for Restoring Wildlife to the Wild, Wild West”

Unmissable, October 8, 2015: “Camp for $10 at Montana’s American Prairie Reserve”

The Independent, October 2, 2015: “Buffalo return to Montana’s Great Plains – a victory for environmentalists but a blow to ranchers

The New York Times, August 9, 2015:  “From Skyscrapers to Big Sky”

Great Falls Tribune, July 24, 2015:  “American Prairie Reserve is ‘raw and natural'”

Montana Quarterly, Summer 2015:  “A Change in Tenor”

Property & Environment Research Center, July 2015: “Free Market Environmentalism In Action: American Prairie Reserve” (PDF download)

National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel, July 2, 2015: “American Glamping: Three Great Finds”

Great Falls Tribune, June 23, 2015: “Business big shots, foundations providing bulk of green behind conservation effort”

Great Falls Tribune, June 18, 2015: “Prairie reserve still attracting friends, foes”

Fast Company, June 9, 2015: “Can Wildlife-Friendly Beef Help Ranchers And Conservationists Get Along?”

Billings Gazette, June 7, 2015: “Montana prairie bison herd now 3rd largest in U.S.”

Billings Gazette, June 7, 2015: “Former Billings man helps lead Montana’s largest private plains reserve”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, May 28, 2015: “American Prairie Reserve: Conservation project finding success, fueling controversy in northeast Montana”

Outside, March 11, 2015: “The 30 Most Incredible Trips to Take in 2015″

The Washington Post, January 6, 2015: “Amber waves of grain” (PDF download)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, January 1, 2015: “2015: The Year of Adventure”


Forbes, November 25, 2014: “The 10 Coolest Places to Visit in 2015″

Travel + Leisure, November 2014: “Global Vision Awards”

Preservation Magazine, October 1, 2014: “Small Wonders: Montana’s Schoolhouses”

Montana Quarterly, Fall 2014, “Adventures with Benefits” (PDF download)

National Geographic News, September 16, 2014: “Bison Charge Into National Zoo – ‘First’ Animal Returns”

Lux Magazine, Summer 2014, The Earth Issue: “The great American wilderness”

KidsPostThe Washington PostSeptember 3, 2014: “Bison return to the National Zoo”

The Washington Post, August 26, 2014: “Buffaloes, gentle giants of the plains, return to the National Zoo after a decade”

The Associated Press, July 31, 2014: “Montana prairie reserve tops 300,000 acres”

Dan Rather Presents, July 22, 2014: “Range War”

The Huffington Post, July 17, 2014: “Think Big, Act Now for Nature: Unexpected Common Ground Between Montana, Azerbaijan and the Middle East”

National Geographic Innovators, June 26, 2014: “Sean Gerrity, Making a Home on the Range for Bison and Other Wildlife”

Travel + Leisure, June 2014: “The United States of Awesome: 25 Ideas for Your Best Summer Ever”

Outside Magazine, June 2014: “A Trip for Every Weekend This Summer”

Distinctly Montana, Spring 2014: “For The Love of Another Montana Nonprofit: American Prairie Reserve”

Phillips County News, February 12, 2014: “New wildlife study launches with volunteers on American Prairie Reserve” (PDF download)


The New York Times, October 27, 2013: “Vision of Prairie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers”

Financial Times, Sept. 20, 2013: “Conservation of America’s prairie – and return of the bison”

Die Zeit, August 24, 2013: “The Return of the Kings”

Sunset Magazine, June 2013 issue: “75 Reasons To Love the West”

Fast Company/Co.Exist, May 31, 2013: “A Park The Size of Connecticut Is Being Carved Out of the Great Plains”

Bloomberg Television, May 22, 2013: “Mogul Must-Have: A Serengeti in America’s Backyard”

The New York Times, April 2, 2013: “On the Montana Range, Efforts to Restore Bison Meet Resistance”


The Associated Press, August 21, 2012: “Grasslands Reserve Buys 150,000-acre Montana Ranch”

This American Land (PBS), September 2012: Bison homecoming – the buffalo are back!

The New York Times, April 27, 2012: “As Bison Return to Prairie, Some Rejoice, Some Worry”

The Economist, Mar. 17, 2012: “Reclaiming Montana – Born to be wild”

Rocky Mountain Rider, June 2012: “Riding on the Prairie Reserve”

Big Sky Journal, Spring 2012: “Adventure on the Silent Prairie” (PDF download)

The Huffington Post, April 25, 2012: “Seven Generations and 130 Years Later, a Circle is Complete with Bison Homecoming”

Montana Sporting Journal, April 2012: MSJ Interview with Sean Gerrity

MSNBC, March 11, 2012: “Home on the range: Bison make it to Montana Reserve – via Canada”