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Billionaire, October 2016, "Philanthropists are piecing together a nature reserve the size of Connecticut for the enjoyment of future generations", October 2016, "The Topography of Conservation: American Prairie Reserve"

Travel+Leisure, September 2016, "The Rise of Public-Private Land Conservation"

Billings Gazette, August 10, 2016: "New York City teens explore Montana prairie", July 20, 2016: "25 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind"

Living Bird Magazine, Summer 2016: "Recreating a big space where buffalo can roam (and burrowing owls, too)"

Helena Independent Record, July 4, 2016: "Six artists to reimagine Montana's national parks, sites "

National Wildlife Federation, June 20, 2016: "Sean Gerrity of the American Prairie Reserve Honored With National Conservation Special Achievement Award"

National Wildlife Federation, June 13, 2016: "13 Camping Spots to Visit Now"

The Atlantic, June 3, 2016: "The Economic Logic of Preserving Wild Areas"

U.S. News, May 11, 2016: "5 Underrated Glamping Experiences to Try This Year"

LE PAN, May 2016: "Where the Buffalo Roam"

Associated Press, May 6, 2016: "Ranch buy adds to huge Montana wildlife reserve "

The Atlantic, April 26, 2016: "Ken Burns, on the American Prairie Reserve"

Bloomberg TV, April 25, 2016: "American Prairie Reserve: Luxury Safari on the Range"

Bloomberg Pursuits, April 21, 2016: "Your Next High-End Safari Destination: The Plains of Montana"

Reason TV, March 24, 2016: "The Plan to Create a Giant, Privately Funded Nature Reserve by Selling Beef"

Ensia, February 23, 2016: "We can save individual species – but can we save entire ecosystems?" 


The New York Times, December 28, 2015: “The Yellowstone of the Future”

PERC Report, November 24, 2015: “The New West: A quiet revolution is sweeping across the West, forging a new approach to conservation in the 21st century.”

Mongabay, November 20, 2015: “Technology for Restoring Wildlife to the Wild, Wild West”

Unmissable, October 8, 2015: “Camp for $10 at Montana’s American Prairie Reserve”

The Independent, October 2, 2015: “Buffalo return to Montana’s Great Plains – a victory for environmentalists but a blow to ranchers

The New York Times, August 9, 2015:  “From Skyscrapers to Big Sky”

Great Falls Tribune, July 24, 2015:  “American Prairie Reserve is ‘raw and natural'”

Montana Quarterly, Summer 2015:  “A Change in Tenor”

Property & Environment Research Center, July 2015: “Free Market Environmentalism In Action: American Prairie Reserve” (PDF)

National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel, July 2, 2015: “American Glamping: Three Great Finds”

Great Falls Tribune, June 23, 2015: “Business big shots, foundations providing bulk of green behind conservation effort”

Great Falls Tribune, June 18, 2015: “Prairie reserve still attracting friends, foes”

Fast Company, June 9, 2015: “Can Wildlife-Friendly Beef Help Ranchers And Conservationists Get Along?”

Billings Gazette, June 7, 2015: “Montana prairie bison herd now 3rd largest in U.S.”

Billings Gazette, June 7, 2015: “Former Billings man helps lead Montana’s largest private plains reserve”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, May 28, 2015: “American Prairie Reserve: Conservation project finding success, fueling controversy in northeast Montana”

Outside, March 11, 2015: “The 30 Most Incredible Trips to Take in 2015″

The Washington Post, January 6, 2015: “Amber waves of grain” (PDF)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, January 1, 2015: “2015: The Year of Adventure”


Forbes, November 25, 2014: “The 10 Coolest Places to Visit in 2015″

Travel + Leisure, November 2014: “Global Vision Awards”

Preservation Magazine, October 1, 2014: “Small Wonders: Montana’s Schoolhouses”

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National Geographic News, September 16, 2014: “Bison Charge Into National Zoo – ‘First’ Animal Returns”

Lux Magazine, Summer 2014, The Earth Issue: “The great American wilderness”

KidsPostThe Washington Post, September 3, 2014: “Bison return to the National Zoo”

The Washington Post, August 26, 2014: “Buffaloes, gentle giants of the plains, return to the National Zoo after a decade”

The Associated Press, July 31, 2014: “Montana prairie reserve tops 300,000 acres”

Dan Rather Presents, July 22, 2014: “Range War”

The Huffington Post, July 17, 2014: “Think Big, Act Now for Nature: Unexpected Common Ground Between Montana, Azerbaijan and the Middle East”

National Geographic Innovators, June 26, 2014: “Sean Gerrity, Making a Home on the Range for Bison and Other Wildlife”

Travel + LeisureJune 2014: “The United States of Awesome: 25 Ideas for Your Best Summer Ever”

Outside Magazine, June 2014: “A Trip for Every Weekend This Summer”

Distinctly Montana, Spring 2014: “For The Love of Another Montana Nonprofit: American Prairie Reserve”

Phillips County News, February 12, 2014: “New wildlife study launches with volunteers on American Prairie Reserve” (PDF)


The New York Times, October 27, 2013: “Vision of Prairie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers”

Financial Times, Sept. 20, 2013: “Conservation of America’s prairie – and return of the bison”

Die Zeit, August 24, 2013: “The Return of the Kings”

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Fast Company/Co.Exist, May 31, 2013: “A Park The Size of Connecticut Is Being Carved Out of the Great Plains”

Bloomberg Television, May 22, 2013: “Mogul Must-Have: A Serengeti in America’s Backyard”

The New York Times, April 2, 2013: “On the Montana Range, Efforts to Restore Bison Meet Resistance”


The Associated Press, August 21, 2012: “Grasslands Reserve Buys 150,000-acre Montana Ranch”

This American Land (PBS), September 2012: Bison homecoming – the buffalo are back!

The New York Times, April 27, 2012: “As Bison Return to Prairie, Some Rejoice, Some Worry”

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Montana Sporting Journal, April 2012: MSJ Interview with Sean Gerrity (PDF)

MSNBC, March 11, 2012: “Home on the range: Bison make it to Montana Reserve – via Canada”