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Myers Family Huts

The Myers Family Huts at American Prairie provide visitors with a base camp from which to explore the prairie. In the tradition of other hut systems around the world, these huts offer comfortable and affordable accommodations in spectacular settings. 

The Founders Hut, John and Margaret Craighead Hut, and Lewis and Clark Hut are located on the PN property. The Founders and Craighead huts each consist of two 30-foot yurts connected with a hallway and can accommodate nine people in four bunkrooms. Three rooms have two XL-twin beds, one room has a twin bunk and XL twin. The living yurt contains a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, a library, and interpretive displays. Solar panels power LED lighting, a refrigerator and an outlet for charging cell phones/camera batteries. A propane stove and solar air-conditioning unit provide heating and cooling in the living yurt. A third yurt contains a composting toilet and a changing area.
The Lewis and Clark Hut includes a kitchen and dining area, three bunkrooms with beds for eight people, a covered deck with picnic tables overlooking the river, and a detached outhouse. Guests bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, groceries, and supply of water for drinking, cooking, and washing dishes. Non-potable water is available at the ranch center (marked with an "i" on maps).
Similar to U.S. Forest Service rental cabins around the western United States, American Prairie's huts are self-service facilities. We depend on users to take good care of these buildings and leave them clean for the next group.

For those who’d like a full-service option – including meals, sleeping bags, and guided tours – please contact our friends at Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures. Custom trips are available for groups of six or more.

Rates and Reservations

  • $128 for entire hut
  • American Prairie supporters receive a 20% discount and a two-week early booking window on all American Prairie facilities.
  • Cancellations are subject to a 20% fee.
  • Reservation changes and cancellations may be made at no cost due to impassable roads in wet weather.

Booking for all facilities and current site/cabin/hut availability is always available at:

See photos of the huts. 

Lewis and Clark Hut

Perched above the Missouri River at the edge of the Dog Creek Wilderness Study Area, the Lewis and Clark Hut offers easy river access, great hiking, and stunning views of the Missouri River Breaks. From mid-April to December 1, it is possible to reach the hut with a 4WD vehicle in dry conditions. The hut is closed from December 1 to mid-April.

John and Margaret Craighead Hut
Drone photo of the Craighead Hut with cottonwoods and green hills.
Set in a cottonwood grove near the banks of the Judith River, the John and Margaret Craighead Hut is an ideal base for visitors looking to bike, fish, or paddle on the Missouri and Judith rivers (note: the lower Judith contains cottonwood snags/strainers/portages and should only be attempted by competent paddlers). From mid-April to October 22, it is possible to reach the hut with a 4WD vehicle in dry conditions. From October 22 to December 1, the hut is accessed via a 1.25-mile walk, bike, or ski. The hut is closed from December to mid-April. All water must be packed in, drawn and treated from the Judith, or melted down from snow/ice (if available).

Founders Hut
Founders Hut with prairie, Missouri River Breaks, and the Little Rocky Mountains.
Located high above the Missouri River valley, the Founders Hut has views of numerous Central Montana mountain ranges. Two track roads are ideal for hiking, biking, and winter cross-country skiing. From mid-April to October 22, it is possible to reach the hut with a 4WD vehicle in dry conditions. From October 22 to December 1, the hut is accessed by way of a 6.75-mile walk, bike, or ski. The hut is closed from December to mid-April.

The Myers Family

The Myers Family Huts were established with an inaugural gift from Gib and Susan Myers in 2016. Gib and Susan have served as Board Directors for American Prairie since our founding, with Gib serving as Board Chair during our founding decade. Together, Gib and Susan have made significant contributions that inspire others to fall in love with the prairie, including their leadership gift to establish American Prairie's network of visitor huts. To recognize Gib and Susan’s investment and commitment, we are thrilled to name the hut system in their honor.