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4 Must-Have Planning Resources for Your Next Trip


Now that spring has arrived and the landscape bursts with life, it’s time to start planning your prairie adventure. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up four of the best trip resources for self-guided explorers. The Visit section of the website is also full of details about volunteering, points of interest, and safety considerations.

(1) Free Visitor Map. Thanks to our friends at National Geographic, we overhauled our visitor map last year to provide even more information and detail about roads, attractions, history, and wildlife. Request your free map now.

(2) Buffalo Camp Brochure. Independent travelers will love the amenities and central location of our public campground, Buffalo Camp. Get all of the details, including driving directions, in this printable brochure: Buffalo Camp Brochure

(3) Recommended Reading. As you enjoy being disconnected from the modern world, don’t forget to bring along a book or two. We’ve put together a recommended reading list on Pinterest covering a diversity of topics, from wildlife to human history.

(4) Regional Tourism Guide. The prairie is full of cultural, community, and recreational activities and attractions. Find out where to see dinosaurs, how to get on the water, and what other birding opportunities exist outside of the prairie in this guide from the Missouri River Country tourism office.

And don’t forget to tell us about your trip when you get home! Submit your visitors easily with our online form.