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American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon

While hunting in Montana, Steve Rinella found a bison skull that led him to ponder the meaning, history and tragic demise of North America’s once most populous land mammal. He explored his fascination in the Alaskan wilderness while hunting wild bison, and his tale of the hunt is a true adventure. Rinella contemplates his own place among 14,000 years’ worth of buffalo hunters, as well as the bison’s place in the American experience; the resulting blend of history, biology and natural world facts and observations is a fascinating book.

It is especially timely to contemplate the iconic status of the bison as we released our own soon-to-be 100-plus herd onto a 11,000-acre grassland this month. American Buffalo recounts tales of the last wild buffalo in Montana—indeed in North America, and it’s inspiring to know there are bison roaming their historic range again.