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American Prairie Grows Again: Fall 2015

American Prairie just completed its 20th acquisition, including land donations and exchanges, since the organization bought its first parcel in 2004. The latest purchase comes right on the heels of two purchases in the Antelope Creek region earlier this summer. Thank you for keeping the momentum going with your support!

Totaling 1,408 deeded acres, the new habitat is located north of the Dry Fork Region and close to the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. The new parcel and the Antelope Creek additions all strengthen American Prairie’s presence and public access opportunities along Highway 191.

As a home for wildlife, the new property offers valuable space for white-tailed deer and mule deer as well as North America’s iconic pronghorn. The area is also known for its sharp-tailed grouse habitat. We look forward to visiting the property in the spring to witness the bird’s annual mating ritual, a mesmerizing and rhythmic dance in which males vie for female attention using their colorful plumage and a feet-stomping swirl.