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American Prairie Partners with Strauss Brands

American Prairie has forged a strategic partnership with Strauss Brands, a national leader in ethical and sustainable livestock practices. To aid with American Prairie’s mission, Strauss Brands will source livestock from the Reserve’s Wild Sky® ranch partners.

American Prairie encourages ranchers near the Reserve to enroll in its Wild Sky® ranching program. This program provides tools and financial incentives to ranchers who implement wildlife-friendly practices.

Randy and Tim Strauss, third generation owner-operators have continuously sought to evolve Strauss’ commitment to responsible agriculture. This includes supporting sustainable pasture management through their 100% U.S. grass-fed beef program, which benefits the environment by reducing soil erosion, protecting water quality and eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

With the company’s commitment to give back to American Prairie, Strauss customers also help support wildlife-friendly ranching practices through their purchase of Strauss Free Raised® grass-fed beef. “Strauss customers can feel good about purchasing our all-natural grass-fed beef, raised as nature intended” said Randy Strauss. “By partnering with the Reserve’s Wild Sky Program, we will be sourcing high-quality, 100% grass-fed livestock while also helping to support the most ambitious conservation project in the United States.”


This product is already available in stores such as Town and Country Markets in the Seattle Area where Wild Sky’s Janna Long and rancher Dave Crasco (pictured below) recently visited. “We are committed to offering our shoppers great-tasting, sustainably-raised, farm fresh meats and proud to partner with Strauss on this initiative to support American Prairie Reserve,” said Susan Allen, shareholder and Director of Brand Development for Town & Country Markets.

“I am thrilled to reach the point where our Wild Sky Ranching partners are showcased in stores, such as Mike McCabe shown in the sign pictured above, and customers can learn about both wildlife-friendly ranching practices and American Prairie Reserve”, said Laura Huggins, Director of Corporate Partnerships at American Prairie.

Both Strauss and American Prairie are dedicated to making a difference – Better for the animals, Better for the Earth, and Better for you.