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Truly Herbert
American Prairie Transitions to Annual Fund Giving Model

To encourage broad participation in American Prairie’s mission, we recently transitioned from a membership program to an annual fund donation model. 

“We want to emphasize the importance of all gifts to American Prairie Reserve, no matter the dollar amount,” says Alison Fox, CEO, “and we believe using an annual fund model makes that idea more clear while also being more inclusive.”

Annual fund donations continue to go toward the most crucial programs and projects — like habitat acquisition, wildlife restoration, research, day-to-day maintenance, and efforts to make the prairie safe and inviting for people and animals, just to name a few.

As a thank you for supporting, all donors will receive the Sentinel, an American Prairie sticker, and a discount on reserve lodging. Because every single gift helps us realize the bold American Prairie mission, donors are a valued part of our community and also will be among the first to know the latest reserve news.

All are welcome to visit, engage with the reserve, and become a part of our community through the annual fund. In return, we hope to inspire more love and respect for this quintessential American landscape for generations to come.