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The Art of Conservation


Emilie Lee, a senior fellow at the Hudson River Fellowship, became a part of the prairie landscape for a month this spring to capture American Prairie on canvas. Thanks to Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation, Emilie’s immersion also included time with one of the year-round Landmark adventure science crews — an homage to the region’s early artist-explorers like Karl Bodmer and George Catlin. As she discovered the intricacies of the Northern Plains on foot and through quiet study, Emilie shared her experiences with Landmark, her thoughts on finding inspiration, and capturing the sounds and sights of the prairie with fellow artists through her blog.

Of her project, Emilie writes,

“Historically, artists have played an influential part in shaping American perceptions of wilderness and its role in our national identity. I see my work as an extension of this tradition, exploring a contemporary example of wilderness conservation using a medium and a process that is identical to those of an earlier generation of artists.”

Emilie will return to American Prairie’s Enrico Education & Science Center once more this fall before heading to the studio to transform her fieldwork into 6-foot-long paintings that will be ready for display in 2016.