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Camping Below the Larb Hills

“The adventure is complete. The last night in camp we talked about personal insights gleaned from our 200+ mile wanderings. The most pervasive sentiment focused on the value of slowing life down for such an extended period of time – days on end. Roaming widely on foot, mountain bike and in canoes provided exactly what we’d expected. It extended and expanded our conversations about this grand project. It allowed us to engage in rolling dialogues that stretched on for days, centered on American Prairie Reserve’s long-term vision, the challenges we are facing and will face in the next few decades, and the satisfying and tangible accomplishments we and so many visitors are enjoying to date.”

– American Prairie president Sean Gerrity in his final journal entry for the Transect, a 2-week, 200-mile journey across the American Prairie region of northern Montana 

Photo by Gib Myers