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Can Wildlife-Friendly Ranching Mean More Than Just Tolerance?

Say cheese!

That’s the message that ranchers are sending to the region’s wildlife as part of the Reserve’s Wild Sky program. Ranchers that enroll in Wild Sky receive financial incentives to implement wildlife-friendly practices. Some families are also choosing to install motion-activated camera traps that provide data about wildlife populations.

Reserve staff and Wild Sky ranchers are on the lookout for predators like black bears, cougars, bobcats, river otters, and badgers. For ranchers, images showing predators on their lands demonstrate that wildlife is welcome and also means that they’ll receive a cash bonus. For American Prairie Reserve, these pictures translate into data that help us measure baseline populations of predators and then trends over time.

Wild Sky's Cameras for Conservation

The path to increasing wildlife populations takes two tracks: public demand for more wildlife and a growing supply of wildlife that can survive over time. With Wild Sky, we’re able to work with landowners around the Reserve’s edges to tolerate wildlife in greater numbers. But what about animals that have been completely removed, like grizzly bears and wolves?

By expanding the Wild Sky program along key corridors to the Rocky Mountain Front and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, we can improve connectivity and resilience as well as tolerance.  According to Kyran Kunkel, our expert wildlife biologist, Montana’s predators have been expanding their ranges for the last thirty years:

“Wild Sky is a way to create stepping stones for bears and wolves to reach the Reserve on their own. Rather than compensating ranchers for dead livestock, our approach is to proactively incentivize landowners to have more wildlife around.”

Based on experiences so far, it’s working. Photo payments have already been made to Wild Sky ranchers for black bears and cougars on lands where their presence has been suspected but not confirmed. And although the management of ranches and American Prairie Reserve will never be the same, we’re seeing that Wild Sky is helping to soften the boundaries between us for the benefit of wildlife.


Financial incentives paid to Wild Sky ranches for their wildlife are funded in part by the sale of high quality, grass-fed beef sold under the Wild Sky brand. Wild Sky beef is already sold in stores from coast to coast, with more retailers being added all the time. Wild Sky jerky is also on Amazon! See store locations at and help support this program by purchasing Wild Sky products. Steaks, hamburgers, and hotdogs are perfect for your summer cookouts!


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