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Celebrating New Habitat: Summer 2015

American Prairie recently completed two land purchases that connect to the existing Antelope Creek region. The Antelope Creek additions extend a stunning viewshed that spans rolling hills and streams to the heights of the Little Rocky Mountains. The two parcels have a combined total of 302 deeded acres and are the 16th and 17th acquisitions since the organization bought its first land in 2004. American Prairie now spans 305,342 acres of deeded and leased lands.

The new parcels help grow the American Prairie's presence and access along Highway 191 and increase our options for future public enjoyment and education projects. The land connects to the region's long history of conservation as a direct neighbor to the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and in close proximity to a Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study Area and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

As part of Montana's sage grouse core area, the parcels also serve an important role for a species on the brink. Come winter, the land will also show signs of mule deer and pronghorn that traverse the region on their seasonal treks for food and shelter.