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Field Report: National Geographic Student Expeditions

The National Geographic Student Expeditions program returned to American Prairie Reserve in 2014 with a Yellowstone & Montana trip. As part of the 12-day adventure that takes high school students to the depths of the Reserve and Yellowstone National Park, participants had the opportunity to advance their photography skills and get behind-the-scenes experience in conservation.

Students Julie and Wilson report out on their first of four days on the Reserve:

“We drove our Suburbans (affectionately known as the "Great White Shark" and "Quicksilver") through the rolling hills of the prairie, leading to the largest prairie dog town on the reserve- something I was most excited for! There we met Anne, a bird expert from the World Wildlife Fund. With a little patience, we were lucky enough to see not only prairie dogs but also multiple burrowing owls perched above the prairie dog holes! We also went on a hike to "badger town," where a local population of badgers calls home. Other wildlife highlights included three snakes we saw from our car while driving, pronghorn running through the grasslands, and a close-up look at bison.”