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Historic Cow Creek Property Adds Crucial Wildlife Habitat

American Prairie completed our 32nd land transaction with the purchase of 800 acres near Cow Island, located in Blaine County and within the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

Named for Cow Creek, which runs its length, the property lies just four miles north of the Missouri River and sits adjacent to American Prairie’s existing land along Cow Creek. It is three miles long, half a mile wide, and falls within the Cow Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) and the Cow Creek Wilderness Study Area (WSA). The Cow Creek ACEC and Cow Creek WSA are both managed by the Bureau of Land Management for the areas’ important historical and cultural values in addition to providing critical fish and wildlife habitat and opportunities for recreation.

Cow Creek runs the length of the newly purchased property.

The rugged acres of Cow Creek offer plentiful grazing and the unique location inside the National Monument attracts elk, deer, and big horn sheep.

This new property also holds historical significance. The Nez Perce tribe crossed this region during the Flight of 1877 and followed Cow Creek as they fled the U.​S.​ Army in an attempt to reach Canada. The segment of the trail the Nez Perce followed, which was also used by local Indigenous People for generations before and after this historic journey, runs the length of the Cow Creek property.

The new Cow Creek parcel brings American Prairie’s total deeded and leased acres to 420,425.

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