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Introducing the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize
American Prairie is proud to announce the creation of the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize. Named in honor of America’s most revered visual historian and documentary filmmaker, the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize celebrates a distinguished and visionary individual whose achievements in the arts, education, literature/history, or science/conservation have advanced our collective understanding of the indomitable American spirit.

The Ken Burns American Heritage Prize

This announcement, which comes during National Park Week and just days before the national rebroadcast of Ken Burns’s The National Parks: America’s Best Idea (PBS, April 25-30), also will inspire people to help build American Prairie Reserve, the modern-day embodiment of our country’s uniquely optimistic, boundless and daring resolve to conserve our iconic landscapes. 
“As a lifelong student of the American spirit, it’s a privilege to lend my name to a Prize honoring individuals whose accomplishments reinvigorate the nation’s understanding of all that is possible,” Burns says.
“And as one who has been irrevocably changed by the majesty of the American West, I am inspired by American Prairie Reserve’s historic mission to return a vast swath of Montana to the natural beauty first enjoyed by Native Americans and later noted by Lewis and Clark. The Prize we present together shall acknowledge the spirit of those who preceded us in establishing this Republic. That same spirit is alive and well today, both in the men and women in many arenas whose work reminds us that our lives serve a greater purpose, as well as on the ground at American Prairie Reserve.” 
The recipient of the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize will be selected annually by the Prize’s National Jury, which is comprised of distinguished leaders who represent communities across the country and share a common appreciation of America’s heritage. The Prize’s inaugural presentation event will be in New York City in the spring of 2017. The evening’s festivities will include remarks by Mr. Burns along with the Prize Recipient, the chair of the National Jury, and American Prairie president Sean Gerrity. 
Visit the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize website for more information, including a press room with the full media release and additional resources.