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Last Child In The Woods

Richard Louv describes a variety of well-documented trends in his new book. His central theme is that today's children are spending far less accumulated time in nature than did children of previous generations. Curiously, at the same time, one sees in the television news, magazines and books discussions about the myriad of new studies citing the many benefits of spending time in nature. Some of the well-researched benefits described in the book include improved test scores and grade point averages; increased skills in problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making and increased creativity.

The causes of the decline are legion, from spending too much time "plugged in" with computer games, TV, etc., to media exploiting fears involving everything from strangers to virus-carrying mosquitoes. However, the main culprit turns out to be shrinking access to undeveloped land where nature is king. Louv offers optimistic and inspiring ideas on how we as adults can affect society by helping kids have more frequent and meaningful experiences in nature.