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Learning on the Land

Last week, American Prairie president Sean Gerrity completed an 11-day journey across the region. Along the way, he was joined by a rotating group of Board members, supporters, staff, and experts in biology, history, outdoor recreation and the arts. Exploring northcentral Montana in the fall typically offers unexpected weather conditions as well as breathtaking views of a landscape in transition, but despite a rainy start, the group was able to make their way by hiking on American Prairie’s newest and most-western acquisition, the PN, canoeing the Missouri River, and biking through the C. M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge on the way to the Enrico Education & Science Center.

In this photo by participant Chip Hay, the group takes a break to hear from Lead Scientist Kyran Kunkel, who offers insights into American Prairie's role in conserving wildlife corridors as well as creating a seamless landscape for the public to explore.