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Migration Marvels: Pronghorn

Pronghorn during winter: photo by Dennis Lingohr

The annual pronghorn migration between southern Canada and northern Montana is the longest distance migration of any land animal in the Lower 48. A survey of pronghorn movements conducted 2006-2009, recorded migration areas of over 2,700 square miles (7000 sq km) of land including that of American Prairie. Just to put that in perspective, that’s an area larger than the state of Delaware. Researchers also found that winter's severity determines the migration distance – more brutal winters require traveling greater distances as pronghorn search for water and vegetation.

In recent years, pronghorn numbers have declined due to severe winters, disease, and habitat fragmentation. Our work to acquire habitat that glues together public lands, while also removing fences that act as stressful barriers, will help improve the conservation status of pronghorn and protect this overland migratory marvel. Read more….