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National Park Week & the Montana Triangle


During National Park Week, the public can visit all of the national parks for free. Montana's two national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, are popular attractions throughout the year and are bound to have an influx of visitors this week who are anxious to see the parks alive with spring activity.

Although the two parks have concentrated much of the state's tourism in the western half of the state, American Prairie provides the missing part of a well-rounded trip to Montana - the prairie! Best of all, American Prairie is free every day of the year.

Using an itinerary that we refer to as the "Montana Triangle," visits to Glacier, Yellowstone and the prairie provide even a seasoned, in-state traveler with unique experiences spanning multiple ecoregions and a diversity of wildlife. Hot springs, bison, mountaintops, birds, and starry skies can all be had as you explore these quintessential landscapes of the American West.

Planning a Triangle trip that includes eastern Montana is easy, scenic and full of attractions for kids and adults. Just south of American Prairie is the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, and travel to and from the region introduces travelers to the Montana Northeastern Plains Birding Trail and the Montana Dinosaur Trail. History buffs will enjoy learning about, seeing and even floating the route of Lewis & Clark - paddlers can enjoy the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and boaters shouldn't pass up a day of fishing on the Fort Peck Reservoir.

Learn more about Montana tourism by using the links below - and plan to stay at our public campgrounds once you have your Triangle trip planned!