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Newborn Bison Calves Popping Up on the Prairie


By the time that wildflower season reaches the Northern Plains, small bursts of orange and red have already popped up on the prairie. Bison calves make their first appearances in mid-April and have been known to show up as late as October. As of this morning, we’ve counted 33 colorful newborns roaming alongside their mothers, and our staff anticipate that there are at least another 40 on the way!

Over the next few months, the calves will turn brown and become ever stronger as they feed from mom and graze across their 31,000-acre home in the heart of the prairie. Prairie dog pups and burrowing owlets are also joining the calves in this grassland nursery, and visitors from Great Falls to New Orleans have been spotted in the campground in recent weeks. 

Photo by Mike Kautz/Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation