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A Partnership for Montana Students

The Great Falls Public Schools Foundation just awarded their first “Dream Big” grant to a coalition of local teachers that will bring 9th grade students to American Prairie as part of lessons on writing, math, ecosystems, social studies, technology, and more.

The project, called the Prairie Expedition, will impact about 450 youth, including special education students. Thirty students will travel to American Prairie and then present what they learn to their classmates. From the Great Falls Tribune

Though the grant is limited to one year, the teachers are hoping they can build up funding to sustain the program, or some component of the program in the future. There’s hope of working with other teachers in other districts on future projects based on student research. The students will also have to give a report on their trip to other freshmen. Parzynski hopes students will want to start some sort of conservation club after visiting and doing service work at the American Prairie Reserve.

“We want them to be conservation-minded,” she said.

Schulte said they have a lot of students who have never been outside of Great Falls. Thomas said there is a lot of Montana for students to explore with this project.

“It’s good to learn about where we live,” she said.

Thank you for creating a living laboratory that’s valued by students and teachers for its hands-on learning opportunities. We hope you’re proud to support a special place that can bring conservation and history to life. 

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