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Passport to Adventure

Australia. Sweden. Germany. Volunteers serving on Landmark adventure science crews come from near and far. Some are students and recent graduates while others are organic gardeners, biologists, and teachers. After long trips to reach the prairie (one person rode the train from New Hampshire!) the next journey begins.

Adventure Scientists is the partner that recruits and trains volunteers to collect data for Landmark. Speaking in a new video about the project, Adventure Scientist's Mike Kautz says that "a huge point of engagement for people that come to this project is that it really does establish this historical record in the data of what was here and also points out the opportunity of what we can bring back."

Reserve Assistant Lars Anderson agrees. "We now have so many more eyes on this big landscape. We can watch deer and elk interacting with fences and see where and how wildlife moves through corridors."

Landmark is generating excitement off the prairie, too. The Arthur. L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation committed $150,000 in funding, and the Leonard Tingle Foundation generously awarded $34,000 to support Landmark's first year. Most recently, the Mennen Environmental Foundation contributed $5,000 to the year-round citizen science endeavor.