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Sight to See: Historic Zortman

Nestled in the scenic Little Rockies, the historic gold mining town of Zortman was established in 1890 and named for prospector Oliver "Pete" Zortman. By the late 19th century, more than 2,000 miners were active in the area and the town's colorful history has included not only rugged prospectors in search of fortune, but also loggers, ranchers and outlaws.

Today, Zortman offers visitors a glimpse into the region's historic past, with rustic miners' cabins, a jail and a small white church. Roads and trails lead into the adjacent Little Rockies, where unusual mountains rise up out of the prairie, offering 360-degree views of the surrounding grasslands. BLM campgrounds can be found near Zortman and the nearby town of Landusky, and Buckhorn Cabins and Country Store provides a charming place to stay in town or purchase supplies.

If you're traveling through the region around July 4th, don't miss out of the Zortman parade and fireworks show!