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Travel Tips: Camping Food and Drinks

Many campers have tried and true recipes that are perfect around the campfire or over the stove. If you're looking for something to spice up your next meal (or beverage), consider these favorites from our staff:

Christina: Breakfast burritos with Wild Sky pennies crisped over the fire, eggs scrambled in the pan and some salsa and cheese sprinkled on top!

Stacie: Dutch oven chipotle chicken tacos! Combine chicken with a can of beer and some spices in the dutch oven and cook in the coals of the fire. When the chicken is cooked and the liquid reduced, shred the chicken, put it back in the dutch oven and mix in a can of chipotle peppers. Serve with tortillas heated over the fire and add a side of black beans. Flavorful simple taco toppings can be prepped before the camp trip or around the camp while the chicken cooks. Toppings- queso fresco, quick pickled onions, avocado, cilantro, and fresh lime. Great to feed a group and makes for a great leftovers for a camp breakfast of huevos or hash.

Hilary: Mix up an "All American Mule" by adding High West American Prairie Bourbon to a can of beer and a little ginger ale. Then add in a powdered lemonade packet!

Jane: Campfire banana splits! Cut a banana in half the long way, fill it with marshmallows, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, and then wrap the whole thing in foil until it's melted by the fire. Cut out the marshmallows for the vegetarians. 

Liz: For a drink, try a "Fire Chai," which is a hot chai latte made with a store-bought powdered mix and a shot of Fireball. And for breakfast - English muffin pizzas: Toast English muffins in a pan with a little butter or oil, then top with a tomato sauce and cheese. You could add toppings like pepperoni or sauteed veggies, but I usually keep it simple. To finish, add a tiny splash of water to the edge of the pan and cover; the steam will melt the cheese. 

Gavin: Nothing beats a fully loaded breakfast burrito on a chilly morning. Bring your eggs pre-cracked in a Ziploc bag and add in lots of cheese, potatoes, bacon, and green chiles. 

Julia: The hobo dinner! Chop up all of your favorite veggies - potatoes, broccoli, kale, carrots, onion, garlic, beets... whatever you want! Add ground beef and a lot of butter into foil. Put it on the fire for about an hour and turn it a few times. While you wait, mix some gin with lime juice (from a squeeze bottle) and some water! 

Sean: Zatarains Dirty Rice with hot Italian sausage

Ellen: The best campfire meal I've ever had was Lars' homemade bratwursts over an open fire for supper. And hot apple cider on cold mornings is definitely the best drink.

Rachel: Make couscous in a jet boil then roast sliced polish sausage, bell peppers and onions in tin foil by the fire. When done, we mix in the couscous. 

Katy: On a cold night around the fire, we like to make "Tang Toddies" by mixing the orange flavored drink mix with hot water and then Peach Schnapps. In the fall, my favorite dinner is kinda like camping Thanksgiving: rehydrate and heat up dried ground beef with some bouillon and put it on top of instant mashed potatoes. Top that with rehydrated stuffing mix, brown gravy, and some crispy fried onions.