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Traveling Across Time: Photos from Transect 2016

From September 3rd-13th, 2016, American Prairie president Sean Gerrity meandered across the landscape joined by experts and special guests as part of the second annual Transect. The trip is more than an opportunity to get outside and see wide open spaces; it's part of a mission to honor the national and natural heritage of America by finding meaningful ways for all people to access and experience this special place.

For the second year, long-time Board members Gib and Susan Myers participated in the Transect, and Gib captured the scenes and landscapes along the way. Below are five of his photos from the trip that showcase the grand scale and boundless beauty of traveling by foot, canoe, and bike across the Montana prairie. 

Canoeing through the Upper Missouri River Breaks Monument


Camping along the Missouri River


"Mountain" biking through low-lying shrublands on 2-track roads


Campsite tucked into the hills on a fall prairie


Sleeping under the moon and stars