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Traveling Back in Time Along the Missouri River

Missouri River Cow Creek Photo

Last week, volunteers from around the world floated in canoes down the Missouri River to reach Cow Island and Cow Creek, some of the more remote regions of American Prairie. The volunteers, part of the Mars Ambassador Program, were tasked with improving public access and safety at two historic homesteads. They worked alongside staff to remove debris and downed fences, roll up barbed wire, and mark potential hazards.

Montana filmmaker Henry Harrison (@travelingfilmmaker on Instagram) was along for the trip to capture their hard work for a short video that we’ll release later this summer. He snapped this photo after the group took an evening hike to learn more about the nearby Nez Perce Trail. Surrounded by countless layers of history and boundless views of cliffs and sky, this view makes it easy to imagine that you traveled back in time and far away from the modern world. 

Download this river view photo for your desktop wallpaper.