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A Visit from the Air

New York-based photographer Erik Goldstein travelled to the prairie in early autumn to help us capture the landscape in one of the most inspiring ways imaginable: from the air. Erik's flight was made possible thanks to Lighthawk, a nonprofit that provides flights for conservation through their network of generous pilots. Erik recalls,

"I knew with a project that deals with this amount of space, it needed a different perspective. Flying above the prairie really scales things down to a level we can appreciate."

Erik was also able to witness American Prairie's bison herd from above:

"Some of the herd was dust bathing, and they kicked up this great big dust cloud that trailed behind them and glowed in the sun. As we circled around them I watched the calves running and jumping with each other. I could only imagine what it must have been like to see thousands of bison rumbling down the plains."

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