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When the Meadowlark Sings: The Story of a Montana Family

When the Meadowlark Sings, recommended to us by our friend and supporter Diane Hargreaves, is a multigenerational story of twentieth century life on the prairie of Montana. Born at the end of World War I, Nedra Sterry grew up the daughter of a teacher in one-room schoolhouses across the Hi-Line and raised her own five children on her husband’s family’s wheat farm.

A powerful storyteller, Sterry captivates her readers and stirs one’s emotions with both amusing stories of childhood mischief and heartfelt accounts of painful familial loss. Sterry weaves her personal history into the major events of the era – from the Great Depression to the arrival of the area’s first automobiles, highlighting both the struggles her family faced against debilitating sickness, extreme weather and poverty, and the joys of country life in strong and supportive communities.