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The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America

Theodore Roosevelt, also known as our “naturalist President,” formed his outlook on American wilderness conservation as a young man, influenced by Charles Darwin, John James Audubon, and friends Gifford Pinchot and John Muir. Douglas Brinkley’s comprehensive biography examines the life and legacies of this wilderness warrior in an epic and very readable book, utilizing previously unpublished materials to paint a colorful and descriptive account of Roosevelt’s life, his intense love for nature, his patriotism, and his many adventures.

Roosevelt’s efforts and achievements to conserve and protect our natural resources and wildlife for all are, as he said, “essentially democratic in spirit, purpose and method." Today at American Prairie, we have the opportunity to again nurture a generation’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors. By providing public access to its privately-held lands, we will play a significant role in connecting visitors with one of America’s most unique landscapes