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Ann DeBusk

Ann, Founder and former President of American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley (ALF), started the organization on July 1, 1988 and led ALF to April 2000. She continues her involvement with ALF as a Senior Fellow, speaker and advisor.

Subsequently, she has been a consultant to nonprofit organizations. She has participated on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards.

In 2000, Ann was asked by Sean Gerrity, who she worked with in ALF, to join the Board of Directors for American Prairie Foundation (later American Prairie). Soon thereafter, Sean invited her to become the first Chair of the Board. Following 12 years leading ALF, Ann agreed to chair the board for only one year because she wanted more discretionary time. She served on the American Prairie Foundation Board for nine years.

She received a BA in history from the University of Washington in 1962 and an MA in Education from Stanford University in 1964.

Ann lives on the Stanford campus with her husband, Bob DeBusk, a Professor of Cardiology Emeritus at Stanford Medical School. They have a married son, a married daughter and one granddaughter.