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Clyde Aspevig

Clyde is a well-known artist for his western landscapes, which capture the beauty, rhythm, and harmony of each place he paints. His paintings of the West are not theatrical sets intended to reinforce regional mythology, but rather of places that he perceives as already disappearing during his own lifetime. Clyde has painted and shown his work in locations all around the world, and his paintings have been published in several magazines such as the Big Sky Journal, American Artist, and Persimmon Hill. He has traveled from the prairies of Montana to the rocky Atlantic coast, to the hillside estates of Tuscany capturing the beauty on his canvas. Clyde’s intent is to create something beautiful and harmonic, letting the canvas reflect nature’s beauty. His paintings possess qualities meant to outlast the viewer’s initial infatuation, qualities that will last several generations: “Paintings become symbols of all that we are.” Clyde will have a one-man show at the Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY, opening May of 2016.

Clyde grew up on a farm in Rudyard, Montana, near the Canadian border, where he witnessed the painful and joyful cycles of agricultural life. He was fortunate to be encouraged by his family in the pursuits of art and appreciation of music. Clyde learned early on to work hard and persevere against many kinds of obstacles. Rather than demeaning Clyde’s interests, Clyde’s father, a practical but open-minded farmer, bought his twelve-year-old son’s first painting. Clyde attended Eastern Montana College, in Billings, Montana. He lives outside of Bozeman with his artist wife, Carol Guzman, and became involved in American Prairie with hopes to further our connection with artists and writers for inspirational results.